LED Light Therapy

Harness The Healing Power Of Light For A Total Skin Rejuvenation Solution.

The deep penetrating and soothing LED lights are ideal for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving uneven skin tone, targeting active acne and illuminating the skin. By heightening your skin cells internal functions, LED Light Therapy will induce faster healing making it the perfect treatment to combine with your other Skin Truth treatments.

Typical treatments are fast and effective, lasting between 10 and 20 minutes. With uniquely coloured LED lights available (red and blue), your treatment can be tailored to suit your individual skin goals.

We’ll Start With Deciding Which Coloured Wavelength Is Right For You.

Our blue LED Light Therapy works effectively to target and improve inflammatory acne, by eliminating acne-causing bacteria that lives on the skin. The treatment is painless and non-invasive and can be performed in your lunch break.

Our red LED Light Therapy is a fantastic treatment to increase the overall health of your skin. Due to its healing properties, we recommend red Light Therapy post laser, injectables, microdermabrasion, Enzyme therapy, Dermaplaning and medi-aesthetic peels.


Advantages of LED light therapy for your complexion

  •  Induce fast healing and decrease pain – Heightens internal skin call functions and induces faster healing.
  •  Target active acne – Blue LED light therapy works effectively to target inflammatory acne.
  • Reduce acne-causing bacteria – Eliminates acne-causing bacteria that lives on the skin.

Quick and easy treatments – Sessions only last 10 to 20min so you can be in and out and looking your best in no time at all.


Let's work together to see the changes you deserve

For best results avoid photosensitising medication before your treatment and don’t return to exercise until at least 24 hours after your treatment. Used in combination with almost any medi-aesthetic procedure or treatment, this LED Light Therapy treatment will take your glow to a whole new level.